100+ Terrifyingly Groovy 70s Recipes … on the Web!

The only thing worse than 70s fashions?? Just might be thosee 70s recipes that filled our bellies with casserole bricks and our nightmares with Jell-O mold goo.

Just in case you want to relive those good old days, we’ve combed the internet to find the best resources for dredging up this brand of dietary dread.

Here, then are ten places to find great/awful/terrifying 70s recipes, whenever you need a jolt of … ugh.

70s recipes

17 Upsetting Recipes from Buzzfeed (17)

If your *really* want to make your stomach roil and kick in the flashback machine full-bore, you’re not going to to much better than this terrible, horrific, splendidly awful piece from Ryan Kincaid at Buzzfeed.

Ryan brings you some real doozies, like “curried fish in rice ring” and “cheeseburger pie.”

He illustrates it all with those old Betty Crocker recipe cards, and the dingy 70s photography will help you feel really depressed about things.

The only drawback here is that, if you want to actually prepare these dishes, you’ll have to find another source or look up the cards themselves, as Kincaid leaves out the gory details.

Think of it as a safety valve.

27 Recipes You Forgot Existed (27)

This one might be subtitled, “and wish never did” … but it’s not.

No, Holly Van Hare at The Daily Meal brings these puppies to you as dishes you might actually dust off and put on your table someday. You know, assuming you like to eat dust.

Among the fare here are delicacies like Clams Casino … and Deviled Ham Dip … and Hamburger Pie.

If you lived through the family reunion memories those mere words invoke and want to dredge up the deep and dirty details of these dishes and, oh, so many more … check out Holly’s article.

She even gives you links to the full recipes, so you have one last chance to back out before the full gore slaps you across the face.

Do You Really Crave These?? (10 recipes)

You can count on the Food Network to help you satisfy any of your wild cravings, and 70s yuck is no exception.

In this article by Michelle da Silva, you’ll find ten dastardly delectables from the 70s like Fondu, Cheese Balls and Logs, and — ugh — Watergate Salad.

That last begs the question …

You suppose there will be someone waxing nostalgic for Coronavirus Casserole in 50 years or so, recalling how this or that politician bungled 2020 while chowing down on whatever unknown bits might be in the dish?

Beats me!

You’ll have to do a little extra work here if you want to actually make these “treats,” though, as Da Silva doesn’t give us actual ingredient lists and instructions.

Bless her.

Pinterest for the Win (70+ recipes)

OK, so … if you’re looking for recipes of any ilk, you pretty much HAVE to go to Pinterest, righ?

I mean, that’s sort of where they made their initial hay and hooked us all on the site — with recipes.

And, sure, you can find just about anything on Pinterest, but it’s still a wealth of foodie information, even if some of that info might gag you with all its 70s-ness.

You could just head over to Pinterest and search for “70s recipes,” but you might want to start with a proven resource, like this board from Click Americana.

With more than 70 recipes from the 70s — and counting — you’ll be eating heavy, stomach-churning, head-spinning dishes for months on end, if you so desire.

(Like Groovy 70s Recipes … on the Web!? Then you might like our article on Groovy 1970s Websites, click here.)

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