Who Played Wonder Woman On The TV Show?

In 1975, when I was 8 years old, the Wonder Woman TV show started, and … let me tell you … it changed everything!

It was a revolutionary time for a woman superhero. Well, revolutionary for me anyway.

Before Wonder Woman‘s debut, when I was outside playing with my mostly exclusive group of boy friends I had no problem role playing as my favorite superhero. You know the usual characters, Spider-Man, Superman, the Six Million Dollar Man, and the likes.

But then, Wonder Woman came along and finally we had another superhero! It wasn’t so much that she was a woman but more because of the kind of woman she was. Wonder Woman was a career woman who could defend you, stop shot bullets with her metal bracelets, make you tell the truth, and pilot an invisible plane. Yup, I liked her!

I didn’t always choose her to play make believe because, of course, you needed different skilled superhero powers depending on the game situation, but I chose her a lot.

So who played this new undercover alter ego Naval Officer in glasses named Diana Prince? Why Lynda Carter, of course!

Who was Lynda Carter and how did she bring life into Wonder Woman?

Miss World Competition

Lynda Carter represented her home state of Arizona in the Miss World USA pageant. She won the title of Miss World – USA and went on to represent the USA in the Miss World Pageant in 1972. She made it into the semi-finals but did not win.

Just like any competition not winning doesn’t always mean you lose. As the title winner of Miss World – USA she got noticed and that sure didn’t hurt her acting future. Within 3 years she was starring as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman TV Series Intro

Wonder Woman Stand

The intro to Wonder Woman, still to this day, sends excitement through me. When my son was growing up and we were playing and I needed to bring a can of whup ass out, I would sing:

Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman!”

And then, for example, I would stop a runaway car or bullet! All the while singing:

Wonder Woman! Wonder Woman!”

My son is grownup now, but I am still known to sing the Wonder Woman intro song when I need to pull a win of some kind.

Wonder Woman Origin Story

Wonder Woman Skirt

Wonder Woman was raised in an all female society hidden in the Bermuda Triangle. When she was chosen to go out into the world and fight for justice she was given a superhero outfit that was designed by her mother.

I found it funny that when she put on the outfit for the first time she quickly removed the skirt and went down to the basic costume. Like it wasn’t going to be hard enough to superhero in that costume but to have to deal with a skirt too, right choice!

Turning Into Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Navy

Diana Prince was the alter ego for Wonder Woman who worked as a Navy officer. This job afforded her the perfect opportunities to fight for justice. Nobody had to signal her, she was in the know and she and took action as needed.

In order to change into her superhero outfit Diana would find a secluded place and spin into Wonder Woman. Okay, I really liked this power that she had, no phone booth needed. And as the seasons went on they added a clap of thunder to her change.

Wonder Woman Invisible Plane

Wonder Woman Plane

So you don’t have the power of flight, not all superheros do, well, no problem, you can just pilot yourself in your invisible plane. How cool is that? I bet radar goes right through to make it truly invisible.

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