Hey, Booger! Willona Woods Videos Still Bring the ‘Good Times’

Man, in a lot of ways, Willona Woods was the TV embodiment of the modern woman during her 1970s run on Good Times.

In case you forgot, Willona was the spunky next-door neighbor, played by Ja’Net DuBois, who kept the whole apartment building interesting.

Well, I mean, there was already a lot interesting going on, what with James Evans bringing his lay-down-the-law fathering, Florida Evans as the sweet but firm mother, and J.J. Evans as the flamboyant — some might say Dyn-o-Mite — older brother to Thelma and Michael.

Still and all, Willona was fierce — a single mother making her way in a tough Chicago neighborhood, taking care of young Penny, who would grow up to be Janet Jackson.

(OK, so she was always Janet Jackson, but you know what I mean.)

And Willona had a way of entering a room that got your attention, no matter who you were. If you were building superintendent Nathan Bookman, you noticed because she called you Booger.

It ate at you, too.

But for the rest of us? Willona was damn near the perfect neighbor.

And did you know that DuBois wrote and sang the theme song from The Jeffersons?

Yessir … that’s Willona’s throaty rendition of “Movin’ on Up” that graces the opening of every episode of the Sherman Hemsley vehicle.

But alas and alack, all good things come to an end, including good people’s time here on Earth.

And so it was that, on February 18, 2020, DuBois shed her mortal coil, dead in her sleep at the age of 74.

Lucky for us, though, her exploits are captured forever on video, and we can enjoy her pluck anytime we want.

Let’s do that right now with a rundown of some great Willona Woods clips, along with a musical bonus. Enjoy!

Willona Entrance Montage

Willona’s Surprise … Part 3!

Willona’s Mr. Right

Stomach Mumps

‘Good Times’ TV Commercial

“Give Thanks”

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