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Snoopy Come Home and Debut Woodstock

When was the movie “Snoopy, Come Home!” released?

“Snoopy, Come Home” is an animated film that was released in 1972.

Who directed “Snoopy, Come Home!”?

“Snoopy, Come Home!” was directed by famed animator/director Bill Melendez.

Who are the main characters of “Snoopy, Come Home!”?

The main characters in the movie are Snoopy, a fictional anthropomorphic beagle, and his owner, Charlie Brown.

Was “Snoopy, Come Home!” based on a book?

Yes, the movie is based on the comic strip “Peanuts” created by Charles M. Schulz, who wrote the movie based off the comic strip.

What is the plot of ?

The plot of the movie centers around Snoopy who leaves home to visit his original owner, Lila, who is in the hospital. Charlie Brown must then find a way to bring Snoopy back home. Along the way, both Snoopy and Charlie Brown learn the importance of friendship and family.

How was “Snoopy, Come Home!” received by critics and audiences?

The movie was generally well-received by critics and audiences alike. It was praised as a family movie for its heartwarming story, comedic moments, and emotional depth. But despite its rave reviews it failed to breakeven in the box office. It had over a one million dollar budget and only grossed a quarter of a million dollars.

Snoopy Come Home
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