Who Wrote the Hardy Boys Books?

Have you ever wonder who wrote the Hardy Boys books? Well, we have the answers, courtesy of some research James D. Keeline did back in 1994:

01The Tower Treasure1927Edward StratemeyerLeslie McFarlane
02The House on the Cliff1927StratemeyerMcFarlane
03The Secret of the Old Mill1927StratemeyerMcFarlane
04The Missing Chums1928StratemeyerMcFarlane
05Hunting for Hidden Gold1928StratemeyerMcFarlane
06The Shore Road Mystery1928StratemeyerMcFarlane
07The Secret of the Caves1929StratemeyerMcFarlane
08The Mystery of Cabin Island1929StratemeyerMcFarlane
09The Great Airport Mystery1930StratemeyerMcFarlane
10What Happened at Midnight1931Edna SquierMcFarlane
11While the Clock Ticked1932Edna SquierMcFarlane
12Footprints under the Window1933Edna SquierUnknown
13The Mark on the Door1934Harriet AdamsUnknown
14The Hidden Harbor Mystery1935Edna SquierUnknown
15The Sinister Signpost1936Harriet AdamsMcFarlane
16A Figure in Hiding1937Edna SquierMcFarlane
17The Secret Warning1938Edna SquierJohn Button
18The Twisted Claw1939Harriet AdamsJohn Button
19The Disappearing Floor1940Edna SquierJohn Button
20The Mystery of the Flying Express1941Harriet AdamsJohn Button
21The Clue of the Broken Blade1942Edna SquierJohn Button
22The Flickering Torch Mystery1943Harriet AdamsMcFarlane
23The Melted Coins1944Harriet AdamsMcFarlane
24The Short-Wave Mystery1945Harriet AdamsMcFarlane
25The Secret Panel1946Harriet AdamsHarriet Adams
26The Phantom Freighter1947Harriet Adams“Amy McFarlane”
27The Secret of Skull Mountain1948Harriet AdamsGeo. Waller, Jr.
28The Sign of the Crooked Arrow1949Harriet AdamsAndrew Svenson
29The Secret of the Lost Tunnel1950Harriet AdamsAndrew Svenson
30The Wailing Siren Mystery1951Harriet AdamsAndrew Svenson
31The Secret of Wildcat Swamp1952UnknownWilliam Dougherty
32The Crisscross Shadow1953Andrew SvensonRichard Cohen
33The Yellow Feather Mystery1954Andrew SvensonWm. Dougherty
34The Hooded Hawk Mystery1954Harriet AdamsCharles Strong
35The Clue in the Embers1955Harriet AdamsJohn Almquist
36The Secret of Pirate’s Hill1956Andrew SvensonJohn Almquist
37The Ghost of Skeleton Rock1957Andrew SvensonJames Duncan Lawrence
38The Mystery at Devil’s Paw1959Harriet Adams / Andrew SvensonJ. D. Lawrence
39The Mystery of the Chinese Junk1960Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
40The Mystery of the Desert Giant1961Harriet Adams / Andrew SvensonJames Buechler
41The Clue of the Screeching Owl1962Harriet Adams / Grace GroteJames Buechler
42The Viking Symbol Mystery1963Andrew SvensonAlistair Hunter
43The Mystery of the Aztec Warrior1964Harriet AdamsHarriet Adams
44The Haunted Fort1965David GrambsDavid Grambs
45The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge1966Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
46The Secret Agent on Flight 1011967Tom MulveyHarriet Adams
47The Mystery of the Whale Tattoo1968Andrew SvensonJerrold Mundis
48The Arctic Patrol Mystery1969Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
49The Bombay Boomerang1970Andrew SvensonVincent Buranelli
50Danger on Vampire Trail1971Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
51The Masked Monkey1972Andrew SvensonVincent Buranelli
52The Shattered Helmet1973Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
53The Clue of the Hissing Serpent1974Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
54The Mysterious Caravan1975Andrew SvensonAndrew Svenson
55The Witch-Master’s Key1976Andrew SvensonVincent Buranelli
56Jungle Pyramid1977Vincent BuranelliVincent Buranelli
57Mystery of the Firebird Rocket1978Vincent BuranelliVincent Buranelli
58Sting of the Scorpion1979J. D. LawrenceJ. D. Lawrence

And here you always thought that Franklin W. Dixon wrote the whole series, huh?

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