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The Best Soda from the 90s: Hip-Hop Pop

In the 1990s, soda was a huge part of pop culture — just like Beanie Babies and TLC. There were soda flavors for everyone, and the commercials ran all over the TV and radio dials! Here is a list of the most popular soda from the 90s …


Sure, Coca-Cola has been around forever, but it has a special place in our 90s soda memories. Coca-Cola reigned as one of the most popular sodas of the decade and eventually took out most of the upstart contenders for the Soda King crown … just like it had for decades.


In the 1990s Pepsi reigned supreme as soda’s top competitor. The soda giant was in an all out war against Coca-Cola, and America could not get enough of its products, a fact that Pepsi used to good effect by rolling out new flavors and brands and tweaks on a regular basis.

Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi was the soda that sparked a revolution, or at least tried to. It was initially launched as an alternative to traditional cola drinks, but it failed to catch on, and Crystal Pepsi disappeared from shelves by the middle of the decade. As the name implies, “Crystal” endeavored to bring the cola flavor to consumers, but in a clear carbonated drink rather than the normal syrupy brown.

Pepsi Tropical Chill

Pepsi Tropical Chill soda flavor was a fruit-flavored cola, marketed with cool tropical colors and promising to transport you somewhere better — at least while you chugged the thing.


Introduced in 1940, Fanta got a boost in popularity during the 1990s when consumers were looking for lighter flavors and something “healthier” than the typical cola fare. With more than 150 fruity flavors worldwide, Fanta fit the bill.

Dr. Pepper

Of course Dr. Pepper had to make this list! This drink has been around since 1885, but it reached cult status during the 1990s. Dr. Pepper is one of the most recognized soda brands in America, and it’s known for its blend of 23 flavors (although some people say there are more).

Jolt Cola

If you though that the proliferation of caffeine-pack soft drinks began with the glut of “energy drinks” that are so popular today, let me reintroduce you to Jolt Cola. Introduced in 1985, Jolt was the first soda to offer more than 100 milligrams of caffeine per serving (with 160 milligrams in a can). It’s not so much remembered for its flavor as it is for amping up (or is that killing?) your brain cells.

Mountain Dew

This soda has been around since 1940, and it’s always remained one of the most popular in America. Not only is Mountain Dew a true original that was brewed exclusively with real sugar for nearly half a century, but this citrus-flavored soda also became an integral part of culture when its logo started getting prominently featured on T-shirts and even some music albums.

Wild Cherry Pepsi

Introduced in 1988, Wild Cherry Pepsi stuck around into the 2000s, making it a perfect 1990s soda — not only was the flavor wild, fruity, and exotic, but it lasted through the full decade. In fact, looking at its run in years, it almost appears to have been made just for the 1990s!

Orbitz Soda

While some of the other entries on this list tried something new to fit with all the other experimentation happening in the 1990s, Orbitz really pushed the limits. Packaged in a bottle that looked like a lava lamp, Orbitz extended the metaphor by offering up a clear soda filled with colored beads of flavor — yes, like an edible, potable lava lamp. It might have been super popular 20 or 30 years before, but Orbitz died a quick 1990s death.

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