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The Best Tom and Jerry Characters? Dogs Who Made the Duo Run

Though Tom and Jerry have made their own cat-and-mouse game one of the most iconic pairings in cartoon history, the long-running duo has had some help. And, of all the supporting Tom and Jerry character, dogs have proved to be the most comical and reliable of all their foils.

Here, then is a list of the dogs who have helped make Tom and Jerry who they are today.

Spike on Tom & Jerry

This is Spike, the dog who made life tough for Tom and Jerry. Though he was usually on point (pun intended), his overconfidence would often lead to a downfall of some sort or another. He certainly never backed down from a fight ̶ even if it meant getting into one with an animated mouse!

Tyke Bulldog on Tom & Jerry

Tyke is a bull terrier puppy and the son of Spike. He appeared to be a more gentle and playful pup than his father, but he was always there when Spike needed backup. Like his dad, Tyke couldn’t stand Tom and would take every opportunity to torment the cat.

Droopy Dog on Tom & Jerry

Droopy is the dog who can never seem to get any work done. He’s tempted by anything and everything, even if it means interrupting his own job or (more often) getting distracted from a new one altogether!

Butch Dog on Tom & Jerry

Butch is a much more serious dog than Droopy. He’s always the one who has to get things done and do them right ̶ which means he can be kind of grumpy about it, but at least it all gets finished!

Mike Bulldog on Tom & Jerry

Mike is Spike’s older brother — and his twin, to boot! Like Spike, he loves to fight and spar with Jerry. Unlike his twin though, Mike is more lighthearted about it ̶ a good thing too, because if things ever got serious between them (which they often do), you know who would be coming out on the losing end!

Devil Dog on Tom & Jerry

A Spike lookalike who lives in Hell, and waits there for Tom and Jerry should they run afoul of good intentions and land in the hot place below.

Ferdinand on Tom & Jerry

Ferdinand is a fat, evil dachshund, the pet of Aunt Pristine Figg. He moves around on a skateboard because of his big belly and tiny legs. Ferdinand likes to raid kitchens (surprise!), usually leaving Tom and Jerry to take the blame for the food carnage he leaves behind.

Puggsy on Tom & Jerry

Puggsy is a homeless dog who his owners forgot when they moved to a new house. Despite his troubles, though, Puggsy is one of the more cheerful characters in the Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Frankie DaFlea on Tom & Jerry

OK, so Frankie is not really a dog, but he’s best friends with one — Puggsy. And old Puggsy just might not be quite so happy and cheerful about his situation without his ride-a-long friend to keep him company. So here, on our list, Frankie DaFlea gets honorary dog status all day long.

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