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Colorforms of the 1970s Stuck in Your Mind

In the decades before the new millennium began, our toys were a *bit* simpler than they are today. No tablets or brain-implanted tracking chips for us! Instead, we were left to play with cold, hard iron trucks and tractors, dolls made out of rocks, Dad’s discarded pipes and beer cans, Mom’s empty lard buckets. Against that bleak background, the Colorforms of the 1970s were veritable vinyl rainbows, and they still make us all teary-eyed nostalgic today.

Welcome Back Kotter

This set featured the famed Kotter classroom, with a chalkboard as its focal point and all the familiar Colorforms characters as well, like Horshack, Washington, and Barbarino. There’s also a flagpole in the corner and stick-on pennants to help you recreate the hit show’s color-schemed version of Brooklyn.

Holly Hobbie

This color-schemed set of the popular show featured a red and white color scheme, with all the plastic pieces arranged neatly in an orderly fashion on an illustrated backdrop.

The setting for this one was the Holly Hobbie general store and featured a colorful version of the store’s facade along with Colorforms stick-ons for various items for sale in the store.


This wild and colorful set features the Kiss recording studio, looking out a window high above a city skyline and with a laser beam shooting out at the metropolis.

Not surprisingly, the Colorforms pieces themselves feature Kiss band members, including Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss.

The Partridge Family

This set commemorated one of 1970s TV’s favorite family bands and featured all their must-have pieces: a colorfully decorated bus, an animated bird (a colorized Franny), two colorized versions of Keith with his guitar, Laurie with her tambourine, colorized versions of Danny with his drums and David with the saxophone.

The Partridge Family colorforms featured a colorful version of their bus doors along with color forms stick-ons for various items in the store’s storefront window (such as guitars).

Miss Weather Dress Up Set

This set was a colorized version of the Miss Weather Dress Up Set. It had colorforms for her dress, hat and bag (and also a color forms sticker book), plus colorforms to show what she looks like in different outfits – including one with an umbrella!

The intent of this set was to help children learn about color combinations and how to dress for the day’s weather.

Space Warriors

This set had Colorforms representations of the warriors’ space suits as well as color forms stickers for additional armaments. The color forms stick-ons also came with a tank and an alien to battle!

Planet of the Apes

This set features a jungle setting from Planet of the Apes, along with Colorforms versions of characters like Cheetah, Cornelius and Nova. The colorforms were cut out in various places so that they could be used to act out the movie’s storyline on a table or placemat.

The set also included color forms stickers for other scenes from Planet of the Apes – like Alpha Centauri!

Castle Dracula Fun House

This just may have been the king of all 70s Colorforms!

This set was actually a two-tiered Colorform, with the top being the mansion itself and the bottom representing its cavernous basement. There were circular holes to get your Colorforms figures through as well as a trap door that would send them plunging down into the depths of Castle Dracula!

Raggedy Ann and Andy

This Colorforms set is for all the Raggedy Ann and Andy fans–and there are a lot of them. The Colorform version featured many “rag” dolls, as well as items from their adventures like trolls, fairy godmothers, and more.

Donnie and Marie

This set came with a stage setting showing Donnie and Marie in the midst of a show. It featured several outfits for them to change into, along with musical instruments that fit the theme of each of the outfits.

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