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70s Fall Outfits Groovier Than Your Corduroy Pants

Just how groovy were 70s fall outfits? Groovier than any 33 or 45 record, that’s for sure!

In case you need a little inspiration to help you warm your paisley heart cockles this autumn, here are some far out 70s fall outfits to fuel your chilly disco dreams.

These bell bottoms toll for all who love 70s fall outfits.
Farrah Fawcett in Nikes on a skateboard? Doesn’t get much more 70s fall fashion than that!

Who’s up for a 70s fall road trip in the station wagon? Grab your pressed leather purse!

You don’t need a background, or background singers, when your 70s fall outfit is so groovy!
Even at the library or the museum, 70s fall fashion was completely far out.
She can always use an extra sweater sleeve as a splint if she falls off her platform shoes and breaks an ankle. 70s fall outfits were dangerous!
You don’t even need psychedelics when there are 70s fall outfits like this one running around out there.
This could only be a fall outfit in California or Arizona, but it’s too cool to leave out of any 70s fashion rundown.
Holy Vlad the Impaler 70s style, Batman!
Watch out ladies! 70s fall fashion is on the loose!
The Jolly Green (not) Giant heads out to the club in his stylin’ 70s fall getup.
Rah-rah-ree! Kick ’em in the knee! Rah-rah-ralls! Kick ’em in the … uh, maybe 70s fall fashion went a little overboard on the tight-crotch motif.
70s fall fashion was blamed for the disappearance of thousands of pairs of young-people legs early in the decade.
Sure, they may look a bit Spring-y, but flower power carried over to 70s Fall fashion, too!
The cummerbund look carried the day in fall of 1975. Apparently.

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