The 7 Most Perfect Breakfast Club Tee Shirts

Did you know that The Breakfast Club shirts are like mini time machines stretched across your chest?

Well, it’s true.

Here …

Let’s remember back to high school, specifically to February 1985 when The Breakfast Club was first in movie theaters. How great was that feeling of being young and knowing everything and nothing at the same time? I am from that graduating class of 1985 and like the setting and characters of The Breakfast Club so I really feel this movie.

I would have loved to have worn The Breakfast Club tee shirts down the halls of high school. Probably, would have tucked them into my knockoff designer jeans and paired it with a double belt. Maybe even pulled one side off the shoulder too, for good measure.

So here are the the most perfect Breakfast Club tee shirts that I would have totally worn in 1985 along with a tidbit of why I chose that particular shirt.

The Breakfast Club Movie Poster

The Breakfast Club Movie Poster

Okay, I had to choose the classic Breakfast Club Movie Poster as my first shirt. It’s the iconic visual introduction to the mismatch detention club.

Who else would be on the movie poster but all the big named teen 80s stars of Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy, and Anthony Michael Hall. They almost seem like friends here.

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The Breakfast Club Promotional Poster

The Breakfast Club Poster

I like this next shirt because it shows the Club in front of school lockers. I’m pretty sure when I was in school I stood like each of the characters as I was trying to portray my feelings. I was cool, I was scared, I didn’t have the best attitude, I was a dork, and I wanted to be noticed.

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Could You Describe the Ruckus

Could You Describe the Ruckus

I love this “Can you describe the ruckus” shirt. Remember back to when you were in high school and some teacher would fly off the handle at the class and nobody was sure what to do next. The only person in the world who could say anything was the brain with some smart aleck response.

You knew the teacher was not going to toss them out of class, and, yes, technically the response was respectful with a hint of sass but disrespectful at the same time.

So pretty cool in a bizarre way.

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We’re All Pretty Bizarre

We're All Pretty Bizarre

Technically this shirt has the same base picture as the poster, but it’s the words that get me. The actual movie scene is where the club is playing the get to know you game and they end up finding out that they are not all that different. They may look different, act different, and run with different crowds but in the end they are all pretty bizarre and just trying to hide it.

Like all of us, really.

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Don’t You Forget About Me

Don't You Forget About Me

I picked this tee shirt in pink with the song title “Don’t You Forget About Me”. This classic song plays in the last few minutes of the movie. As The Breakfast Club is leaving Saturday detention and most likely never to speak to each other again, you hope, no, you know that in some future time they will remember that day they spent together forging the last stand of high school oppression before graduation set them free.

They will always remember and never forget.

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The Breakfast Club


I remember walking the halls of high school and seeing all the different people gathered in their groups. It was pretty much set like this Breakfast Club tee shirt.

Talk about hitting the nail on the head!

I hung with the Athletes but I had one class with the Brains. This brain class caused me to be a Basket Case most of the time, but testing assured everyone that I was supposed to be there. Although, I doubted myself, mostly.

My Princess was a work in progress, and as for my high school Criminal, my lips are sealed.

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John Bender Punching the Sky

John Bender Punching Sky

I like Bender Punching the Sky in olive green. Why? It is the show stopper scene. I think for the day the club finally felt understood. It took all day and they had to go to hell and back, but they made it. Acceptance.

Punching the Sky!

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